Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Orange and Cinnamon White Chocolate Shortbread

Wishing all my readers


And I leave you with yet another Christmas shortbread recipe - a spicy and citrussy one this time.

This is how I made:

Orange and Cinnamon White Chocolate Shortbread

  • Softened 50g of good quality white chocolate by putting it in the mixing bowl and placing it on the storage heater for ten minutes.
  • Added 170g of unsalted butter cubed and left to soften.
  • Creamed the butter and chocolate with 85g golden caster sugar until pale in colour and fluffy in texture.
  • Added the grated zest of an organic orange and creamed some more.
  • Sifted in 175g plain flour (half wholemeal, half white), 80g brown rice flour, a pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt and 1 rounded tsp ground cinnamon.
  • Stirred until incorporated, then formed into a ball and left in my cold kitchen to firm up for half an hour.
  • Rolled out to about 3mm thickness and stamped out snowflake shapes getting about 60 biscuits in total. I also tried to make some buttons, but they didn't quite work out as planned.
  • Left to firm up in my cold kitchen for 15 minutes.
  • Baked for 7-8 mins at 180°C until just golden.
  • Dusted with fine caster sugar whilst still hot, then transferred to a wire rack to cool and harden.
  • Packaged up into bags, then added labels and ribbons.
I did manage to snaffle one to try and they were quite delicious with a good Christmassy flavour.

I'm submitting these to the Spice Trail with Venesther over at Bangers & Mash. The chosen spice this month is cinnamon.


  1. oooo they look lovely....sound like some delicious flavours you have put together! I been loving bicuits at the minute i made some
    Gingerbread stars the other i think i must give shortbread a go

  2. Yummy! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

  3. Happy Christmas

    Love the buttons - I could see what they were straight away!

  4. how bloody gorgeous do these look... The Viking is now forcing me to make them... well, what can I do? Merry Christmas darling x

  5. These look just beautiful and very, very Christmassy. Thanks for sharing in the Spice Trail!

  6. Shortbread with orange and cinnamon sounds amazing.


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