Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Nakd Bars - a Review

My goodness, I have fallen totally in love again (sorry CT). I was recently sent some bars of Nakd Cocoa Delight to review. These are bars of raw nutty fruity goodness which are not only healthy but are absolutely delicious. Nakd bars are made principally with dates, raisins and cashew nuts - and as far as I'm concerned are the ultimate in healthy snacks.

Cocoa Delight - dates (48%), cashews (29%), raisins (17%), cocoa (6%), natural chocolate flavouring. This all sounds wonderful, but I would have liked more information on the natural flavouring, which can often be anything but natural. The bar has a strong and pleasant aroma of both fruit and chocolate. The texture is fudgy but with crunchy pieces of cashew adding a bit of extra interest. It is sweet, but not excessively so - basically it's a chocolate flavoured fruit & nut bar, but a particularly nice one and filling too. CT wasn't quite as enamoured as me, which as he doesn't really like dates is no surprise, but he still thought they were tasty.

The list of benefits is long: cold pressed unrefined raw ingredients, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, no added sugar and nothing artificial (assuming my concerns about natural flavour are unfounded). But it's not all about being healthy. The company behind these bars, Natural Balance Foods, is dedicated to making their wholefoods as delicious as they are nutritious. I know I would prefer to snack on one of these than many of the so called "health bars" that are marketed with such promise and they would be perfect to accompany a coastal or moorland walk too.

They come in 35g bars and can be found in some supermarkets and health food shops. Retailing at around £2.50 for four, these are not unreasonably priced and if you consider the quality of the ingredients, I reckon they are good value. If chocolate is not your thing, though I find that hard to believe, you'll find a range of flavours to entice and delight such as: rhubarb and custard, cashew delight, ginger bread, berry delight and pecan pie.

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  1. Nakd bars are great! There's the odd one that isn't as nice as another but they're all nice. In fact I had a choc mint one this morning.

    Thanks for sharing your review :O)

  2. They look interesting. I have never tried them but now when I see them I might be tempted..

  3. I've only tried the chocolate orange and I couldn't eat it, it just tasted dusty. I love the idea of them though, so if anyone thinks any of the others are significantly better please let me know and I'll try one of those!


  4. I love Nakd bars- I often flirt with the idea of a paleo diet, and these are the perfect snack when I am doing so. I particularly like the pecan pie one, and actually have a box in my treat cupboard at work ;)

    Tora ||

  5. I've tried some Nakd bars, they were very nice.


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