Sunday, 19 June 2011

Choc Chip Honey Cornbread

New challenges are popping up all over the place at the moment and I can't keep up. However, Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes recently revived an old event, Bookmarked Recipes, founded by Ruth of Ruth's Kitchen Experiments. The idea is to actually use some of those recipes we all bookmark and then somehow don't get around to actually using - I have an awful lot of those. Recently, I saw a post on honey cornbread on Black Book Kitchen Diaries and for some reason it immediately appealed and I bookmarked it. Unusually, it hasn't been hanging around that long in my bookmarked folder either. On day 9 of a summer cold (I wrote this a while ago and am happy to report the cold only lasted 15 days!) and feeling rather lacking in energy, I wanted to make something really quick and easy. This fitted the bill: throw the dried ingredients together and then add the wet - simples! The original recipe comes from All Recipes, but I've adapted it from the American measures, replaced the vegetable oil with olive oil and also added some chocolate - how could I not? This is how I did it:
  • Sifted 125g wholemeal flour, 130g fine polenta, 30g caster sugar and 1 scant tbsp baking powder into a bowl.
  • Chopped 50g 70% dark chocolate and mixed this into the flour.
  • Made a well in the middle and broke 2 duck eggs into it.
  • Started to mix these in, adding 3 level tbsp runny honey and 50ml olive oil as I went.
  • Mixed in 225ml double cream.
  • Poured into a 9" x 9" square mould and baked at 180C for 25 mins.
  • Spooned a little honey onto the hot cake and spread this around to give it a shiny top.
  • Left to cool then cut into 16 pieces.
Half way between bread and cake, this is not for those with a really sweet tooth, but if you like honey and something with a bit of texture, you will find these very moreish. Despite the fact I used wholemeal flour, the lovely yellow colour still came through. CT was particularly taken with these and they didn't last quite as long as I was expecting.


  1. Nice way to treat a cold!!

    They look delicious.

  2. what a lovely recipe... would never have thought of something like this, I am intrigued to make it... may have to join this challenge too!

  3. Like Dom this wouldn't have been on my radar but it looks really good. I like polenta in my cakes so I will bookmark this!

  4. I'm another one who would never of thought of this one. I have to admit to only ever trying and making savory cornbread ... now I am feeling quite short sighted lol.

  5. So many challenges, so little time. Great idea, something 'not too sweet' but tasty and filling sounds good.

  6. BVG - thanks, there are worse ways to treat a cold ;-)

    Dom - I know you're on a mission for world domination but you don't want to break before you get there!

    MCB - excellent - I'm a fan of polenta in cakes too - gives an additional unexpected crunch.

    Chele - that's why all this blogging malarky is so interesting - so many things out there none of us would have thought of.

    Janice - thank you - OH so little time indeed.

  7. Bread good, cake good bready cake brilliant

  8. Love the texture! I'm really into honey in my baking at the moment so these appeal

  9. yum. I do like cornbread. This is interesting, never had a sweet tasting one!

  10. You poor thing: a 2 week cold is nasty. At least you've got it out of the way now for more challenges! That recipe is my kind of heaven: simple and delicious, too. Good for you to get around to making things from the bookmarked recipes. I have to try out the duck eggs one of these days...

  11. wow..that looks amazing...


  12. The Viking - glad you like.

    CC - agree, honey is excellent - long live bees!

    WLM - don't think I had either until I made these, although I do sometimes use polenta in my cakes.

    Jill - thank you. CT's cold is still lurking - 5 weeks on. It's all most unusual. My list of bookmarked recipes is ever growing, so it always feels good to be able to tick one off - so to speak.

    Dr Sameena - thanks for following.

  13. Delicious, I love!! gloria

  14. They have come out so perfect...just delicious!

  15. This is clever! I have never had chocolate chip in cornbread.

  16. Now that is interesting. I've only ever had savoury cornbread, I'd never thought to make a sweet version. Thanks Choclette! :)

  17. I've never thought to try a sweet cornbread. Thanks!

  18. Gloria - thank you

    A busy nest - maybe I'm breaking new ground!

    Celia - it's fun coming across all these different ideas.

    Baking Addict - it seems as though it's quite a new concept to all of us, although I do make a very nice chocolate cake which is made from polenta.

  19. Thanks for entering into the challenge Choclette. I know everyone has a bit of challenge fatigue with so many of them around, but I was bemoaning my lack of getting around to recipes and thought I must do something about it. Do you know I have never actually baked with polenta. I am thinking this would be a good place to start.

  20. Jac - Oh do have a go with polenta - I really like it for the additional texture it gives.

  21. This recipesounds so good.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to get to know your kitchen.


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