Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter & Eggs

Rather late in the day now, but I wanted to say Happy Easter before it's too late and hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday. We are just off to my mother's for another Easter tea where we will be sampling some of her excellent simnel cake.

Here are two Easter platters I prepared, one for my mother and one for CT. If anyone's interested in finding out more about what's on them, there will be a posts appearing in the next week or so.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Lucky mum and CT.

  2. Happy Easter to you too.having a real food festival giveaway on my drop by at simplyfood if you are interested.

  3. Happy easter you and yours! these choc's are darn cute!

  4. Happy Easter to you too Choclette, your plate of goodies looks fab, look forward to finding out what they all are!

  5. Happy Easter to you too!

    That plate of chocolaty goodness looks yummy.


  6. Happy Easter! I'm looking forward to the details on your treats.

  7. Beautiful pics!! Happy Easter!LOL

  8. Hope you had a nice easter Choclette, these look amazing! gloria

  9. Handmade chocos and Easter are a perfect match, lucky family! Happy Easter to you too (I am soooooo behind the times lol)

  10. Kath - well I didn't make everything ;-)

    simply food - thanks

    Ananda - thank you

    C - thank you. I was wanting to artfully place primroses around the plates or put a small vase of them in the middle or something, but didn't have enough good looking primroses left in the garden.

    Maria - thank you

    FoodyCat - back at work now and Easter already seems like such a long time ago!

    Manu - thank you

    Gloria - thank you. I had a great few days off work.

    Chele - it was fun trying to assemble something myself.


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