Sunday, 30 January 2011

Nutty Chocolate and Orange Flapjacks

Just after Christmas, friends were having an "open house". You know me, I didn't feel I could just turn up empty handed, but I also didn't have a great deal of time to bake anything elaborate. I also felt with all the goodies going around at Christmas, something simple would be welcome. Flapjacks seemed to fit both of these criteria, so flapjacks it was.
  • Melted 5oz unsalted butter in a large pan with 1 large tbsp golden syrup.
  • Added 2 tbsp orange syrup (left over from candied orange peel)
  • Mixed in 10oz rolled oats, 2oz chopped nuts (mixed), 2 teaspoons of dried powdered orange peel, 2.5 oz demerara sugar and 2oz chopped Maya Gold chocolate.
  • Pressed into a buttered 9" x 7" tin and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
  • Baked at 175C for 20 minutes.
These worked really well with the chocolate and orange combination working their usual magic.

I've recently been given the chance to review a product from CSN. As I'm sure many of you are aware, CSN sell a whole host of household goods ranging from cookware to home bar furniture to outdoor living. I haven't yet chosen what I shall be reviewing, but it will most certainly be from the baking section - I've already set my sights on a couple of things I'd like - well more than a couple if truth be told ;-)


  1. You are the second person that has reminded me via their blog to make flapjacks in the next few days.

    The question is what type shall I make? So much choice and so many wonderful flavour ideas!

  2. Love the flapjacks! Just bought some new oats this weekend, so will hope to make a batch later in the week!

  3. Now I don't call that a 'simple' flapjack - soo many good things in there - yum!

  4. oooh... love the orangey flapjack... bet they taste good... never made flapjacks and they're so easy to do... must sort this soon x

  5. Ooh, I like the sound of this! *bookmarks*

  6. I usually love chcolate and orange in combination in baked goods, but not when Maya Gold chocolate is used in cooking! Plenty of alternatives, though.

    Do you make your own dried orange peel?

  7. Just as I thought Choclette. Delicious! I just love chocolate and orange together. Maya Gold is a particular favourite of mine :)

  8. You chose a good recipe for a busy time. I love chocolate and orange, and these would be a great crowd pleaser yet still straight forward to make.

  9. Love the idea of sesame seeds on top - must have added great flavour and texture

  10. it looks awesome, love the orange flavour in it...

  11. I have a tissue for the drool factor today visiting your recipes!
    Love classic orange with chocolate.

  12. These look lush - I like the addition of sesame seeds. A nice wholesome treat.

  13. Flapjacks are never a bad idea! These sound a real treat, you can turn up to my place anytime you like with a plate of these in tow

  14. Yum yum... now, if you can't go anywhere without taking something nice with you....would you like to pop round to see me? :-)

  15. Forgotten all about flapjacks. Love these and with your combo sound just fabulous!

  16. My goodness you've certainly been busy since I was last over here. All of this looks amazing, but those chocolate and chocolate confections are totally amazing, your friends are very lucky!

  17. nice use of the orange syrup - and wonderful sweet treat to take along

  18. Thanks Choclette: About time I made flapjacks again and I love the sound of orange flavoured ones!
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  19. Helen - did you get around to making flapjacks in the end? I've just checked out your site to see what flavour you went for, but nothing yet.

    Joanna - looking forward to seeing what sort of flapjacks you come up with.

    Janice - it's great when you can kid yourself that they are healthy ;)

    Dom - I'm shocked ;-)

    Suzler - nice to hear from you

    Suelle - I know you're not a fan of Maya Gold in cooking, but it does go well in some things and the change in consistency works quite well in flapjacks. My mother eats lots of oranges and dries the skins out on her aga, then grinds them in a coffee grinder. I get to have the odd jar and jolly useful I find it.

    Jac - I know you're a fan of chocolate and orange. I can't forget the look of those flapjacks you made.

    Brittany - they are particularly good for a hungry crowd.

    CC - I always sprinkle sesame seeds on top, I like the look and it does add a certain something.

  20. Sushma - you're right, chocolate and orange are a great combination.

    Sheelagh - no drooling please - just eating ;-)

    Domestic Goddess - tasty and healthy is always a winner.

    Chele - thanks, I'll remember that ;-)

    Wendy, I'd love to pop round to see you, especially when dinner is in the offing!

    Jill - thank you. Thehumble flapjack often gets forgotten ;(

    Oxslip - nice to see you back. Luckily, my friends are usually very appreciative.

    Johanna - that orange syrup just went on and on - glad to say I have finally used it up now!

    Hopeeternal - it's good to bake a batch of flapjacks from time to time, if only to be reminded that baking doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated.

  21. I have never made flapjacks sounds easy and quick, with orange flavour heavenly!

  22. Ananda - flapjacks are very English - very easy and quite delicious. You must try some.

  23. Oooh, yum, flapjacks. And you can sort of pretend that the oats are still good for you in spite of being encased by butter! Chocolate and orange sounds like a great flavour combo. Must make flapjacks again soon... thanks for the prompt!

  24. C - Can't have a bit of butter putting you off lovely healthy flapjacks ;-)

  25. I like flapjacks a lot & it's nice to see a new recipe.

  26. These look fabulous! I love your blog, your recipes are just fantastic!xxx


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