Friday, 7 January 2011

Chocolate, Date & Walnut Trifle

Some of you may remember that I made this Date & Walnut cake for last month's We Should Cocoa challenge. Well, with so many goodies on offer, this poor cake got sadly neglected - CT it seems, is also not a great fan of dates.  It was a jolly good cake and one I shall make again - moist, tasty and luckily long lasting, but only a few slices were taken.  With this month's We Should Cocoa challenge being set to use up leftovers, I had initially thought I would use this cake as my offering. But what to do? Well not being blessed with a lot of creative imagination, I opted for the first thing that came into my mind - which was trifle. I then started to think this was perhaps a bit cheeky using virtually the same thing for two challenges in a row BUT by now my mind was very much set on making this trifle anyway. Julia of A Slice of Cherry Pie and Scott of Real Epicurean run a monthly blogging event which I am not usually able to enter, but the ingredients for In The Bag this month are chocolate, cream and nuts - well really! It was clearly meant to be. My cake already had the requisite chocolate and nuts in it - all I needed to do was add some cream.  I did add a bit more chocolate and a few more nuts just to make sure though.

This is what I did:
  • Cut three large slices of the date and walnut cake and cut them into roughly 1 inch cubes.
  • Placed these into a glass bowl.
  • Spooned over 6 tbsp of damson liqueur and a couple tbsp of orange syrup (leftover from the candied orange peel).
  • Made 1 pint of custard, left to cool then poured over the cake pieces.
  • Whipped 250ml double cream until it just held it's shape then spooned this over the custard.
  • Toasted a handful of slivered almonds.
  • Grated 20g of Maya Gold then scattered over the cream.
  • Finally scattered the almonds over the chocolate.
This was very different from a normal fruity trifle; different yes, but delicious just the same. It had an aromatic spicy taste from the Maya Gold and wasn't too sweet. The light creamy top combined with the grounding damson soaked date cake and crunchy nuts gave a complementary mouth feel and taste.  This was an excellent way to use up a cake that wasn't loved as much as it should have been. Two bowls at one sitting is, perhaps, sufficient.


  1. So did CT eat it this time round with the dates hidden amongst the cream and nuts?

  2. CityHippy - He did the decent thing and professed to enjoy it ;)

  3. This could roll on and on - how do you use leftover trifle? LOL!

    I had too much gingerbread leftover, and also made a trifle with it, plus over-ripe pears and some chocolate meringues crumbled into the cream. Should have used some alcohol though - it was a little too dry.

  4. Oh goodness this sounds good. I am liking your thinking with the damson liqueur. I am definitely going to be pinching that idea next time I make a trifle. Any left? Could you post me a bowl?

  5. wonderful idea - I loved the sound of that cake first time around but this makeover sounds just as delicious - glad you could please the philistines :-)

  6. any type of trifle is good by me - but add chocolate into the mix and I am truely happy out!!

  7. Okay, oh my..we are huge fans of trifles let alone walnuts and dates! This would be such a treat at our house!! (I can't believe CT doesn't like dates, I mean, what's not to like?!)

  8. Lovely looking trifle, I bet that got eaten up pretty quickly.

  9. I love love love chocolate trifle... this looks exceptionally good!... heaven x

  10. Dates and chocolate - heaven!

  11. Not a lot of creative imagination? I think you're being far too modest! This looks absolutely heavenly - dates, walnuts, chocolate and cream would be in my top 10 ingredients (or things to scoff by the handful) - I think I'll have to make the cake (and hide it) so I can make the trifle...
    P.S Well done on guessing the coriander seeds - shall I send you some in the post as a prize?!

  12. Suelle - Trifle with chocolate meringues too - wow, I want some of yours. Luckily, don't have to think about what do to with leftover trifle - it didn't hang around for very long!

    Kath - Oh you - I wonder what a bowl of trifle would be like after a journey with Royal Mail? Can vouch that damson liqueur is wonderful in trifle - pretty damn good out of trifle too :)

    Johanna - Thanks. I can't complain really, CT is a very unfussy eater (on the whole)!

    BVG - I'm with you on that one.

    Brittany - Beat me, I love dates!!!

    Chele - yep, it didn't last long.

    Dom - chocolate in trifle was a first for me, but think there will certainly be a 2nd and a 3rd :)

    Baking Addict - thanks

    Liz - dates, chocolate and cream - that is heaven.

    KitchenMaid - thanks, always good to get a bit of ego bolstering. Like the coriander idea, but think customs might have something to say about it!

  13. Great re-use of the cake! Sounds like a bit of a cross between trifle and tiramisu! :)

  14. Celia - that's just what CT said - it's tiramisu without the coffee!

  15. I've never had chocolate trifle - what a great idea!

  16. oh my word, one spoonfull and i would think i'd gone to heaven. just love the gorgeous combination of ingredients, very yummy indeed.

    wishing you a lovely chocolaty-creative week xxx

    it's just like the film isn't it, coming here to all this lucious and decadent chocolate loveliness mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm



  17. Oh that is one bowl of whole goodness...they looks luscious and heavenly! Slurp :)

  18. What an amazing new dessert you have created, I can hardly believe it was made using leftovers! Sounds perfect - not too sweet, nutty, spicy and the damson liqueur... oh my.

  19. CC - well it was a first for me. Don't leave it too long.

    Millie - thank you, you're very sweet. I've only just seen the film - how I'd love to have a shop like that and work that sort of magic.

    Ananda - it was a rather luscious bowl full :)

    Hazel - I'm not too keen on really sweet (unless it's brownies), so this worked really well. It was that damson liqueur that made it.

  20. Sounds perfect! It reminds me of this great chocolate cake I had while on vacation in Hawaii, and the local chocolatiers grow and prepare homemade chocolate goodies that can't hardly be beat! When you top a chocolate cake with anything, it's still a winner. Check out the website:

  21. Its the dates that put me off it, detest them, but other than that it looks delicious


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