Sunday, 21 November 2010

Win a Chocolate Book for Christmas - Giveaway #1

I have a copy of Crave: a passion for chocolate by Maureen McKeon that I bought myself on a whim after having seen it in a bookshop.  It's a lovely hardback book, but for some reason I've never got around to using it.  So rather than it sitting idly by on my bookshelf, I thought it would make a nice Christmas present for someone - so I am running a little giveaway / competition, with this as the prize.

I have five questions for you. The answers shouldn't be too difficult to find if you can spare a few moments to search through my blog.

  1. My blog is called Chocolate Log Blog.  When did the first "Log" (think roulade) appear on this blog and what was it?
  2. I had several reasons for starting this blog.  Can you give me one of them?
  3. I've made three gluten free cakes.  Can you name them?
  4. I've used ground cherries in my baking on several occasions.  What are ground cherries?
  5. What did I do for National Chocolate Week in 2009?
E-mail me at choclette8 (at) with your answers, to arrive no later than midnight on Friday 3rd December - please use Crave Giveaway in the subject line so that I don't mistake your e-mails for spam. All correct answers will be randomly selected by being picked out of a hat on Saturday 4th December.

Apologies to overseas visitors, but due to postal charges, this prize can only be shipped within the UK.


  1. Arghhh how long have I been following your adventures and I have to go back and reread for some of the answers :-0

    Can't believe you have not used a cookbook but what a nice idea. I've not heard of Crave ... good title though!

  2. I have this book so please don't include me in the draw - I just wanted to say it's great and whoever wins it will love it!

  3. I'm staring at our copy of this book as I write and would definitely be trying to get hold of it if we didn't already have it. A couple of minutes searching for a £20 book - that ain't bad.....


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