Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chocolate Courgette Cake

Back in those dim and distant days when I was on holiday, I was browsing through Allotment 2 Kitchen and found this recipe.  At that point we still had plenty of courgettes and a friend coming over for supper.  MangoCheeks advised that this cake was particularly good warm with vanilla ice-cream, so pudding for the evening was sorted - thank you MangoCheeks.  Writing this up three weeks later, I can't of course remember exactly what I did because, as regular readers will know, I am virtually incapable of following a recipe exactly.

So this is what I think I did:

  • Creamed 110g unsalted butter with 220g vanilla sugar (instead of 1 tsp vanilla extract).
  • Beat in 2 duck eggs
  • Sifted in 340g flour (spelt wholemeal), 2 tsp baking powder, 4 tbsp cocoa and 1 tsp mixed space.
  • Mixed this in, then added 400g grated courgette.
  • Stirred in 120g Greek yogurt.
  • Spooned mixture into a 9" sq cake thingie and baked for about 45 mins at 180C.
The cake was dense and moist with a fragrant smell and a spicy taste.  We had it straight from the oven but as we didn't happen to have any vanilla ice-cream in the freezer, we used oriental ginger instead which made a lovely accompaniment.  The cake firmed up a bit when cold and was just as good the next day and the one after that and possibly the one after that too!


  1. I've been meaning to try this recipe - courgettes are long gone from the garden now unfortunately - chocolate and cabbage doesn't hold much appeal

  2. It looks lovely, and sounds heavenly with dollops of ice cream ( especially oriental ginger) another great recipe from Mangocheeks with Chocletteness thrown into the mix. Perfect!

  3. I have never used courgettes in cake before. The cake looks lovely, moist and delicious with all of those wonderful ingredients.

  4. This looks wonderful Choclette!

  5. i've seen so many recipes recently for cake with courgette but I just haven't had the time or inclination to make them... now honestly, should I give it a go?

  6. Mmmmmmm, looks lovely and dense and satisfying :)

  7. Adorei a receita, o blog. A dorei tudo. Já virei seguidora. Me verá bastante por aqui.

  8. MMMMMMMMM,...Your chocolate courgettes cake looks sensational!!

    Yummie food!

  9. Kate - no cabbage and chocolate doesn't sound that appealing. Next year perhaps!

    Kath - MangoCheeks is a great source of inspiration, but so are you. I love this world of food blogging and how we all get inspired by and learn from each other.

    Sushma - thank you, it's pretty hard to go wrong with warm and chocolatey.

    Margeret - vegetables do help to keep cakes moist and give them extra texture too.

    Chele - thanks. Keep it nice and simple.

    Dom - it's probably a bit late in the season to try it this year. Honestly, I would say it's only worth doing if you have loads of courgettes that need eating and / or for the novelty value. Courgettes are good, but beetroot works better.

    Jac - satisfying it was and just what's needed in this damp and dreary weather we've been experiencing here over the last few weeks.

    Carol - glad you liked it and thanks for following.

    Sophie - thank you for your kind words - it's not the prettiest cake I've made, but with a good bit of chocolate icing on top, it would improve it's image no end.

  10. Chocolate-zucchini (courgette) cake is a standard in the US, but I'd never seen one made with duck eggs, which are not easy to find here... It looks delicious and moist - a perfect treat on its own!

  11. Oo, can't think of a better use for surplus zucchini. yum

  12. Viviane - thank you. Hadn't realised it was so common in the US. I try and use duck eggs in my balking when I can get hold of then, but they aren't very common here either.

    Oxslip - we've had so many courgettes this year, it's been quite exhausting (in a good kind of way. I have a freezer full of courgette soup as well as roasted courgettes & halloumi, made a load of courgette picallilli and marrow (large courgette) & ginger jam AND several cakes.

  13. Thank you so much for the kind words and link Choclette. I've never used spelt or duck eggs in baking.

  14. i recently made courgette cake, mine was more like dark choc version...loving urs and idea with ice cream is just yum!

  15. Mangocheeks - this was just the inspiration I needed, thank you. Duck eggs are unfortunately not that easy to come by, but they are great for baking if you do manage to come across any.

    Ananda - yeah, so good that you made a cake with courgettes. I shall shortly be along to see it.


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