Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Chocolate & Lime Cheesecake Surprise

Party going family members en route from Gloucestershire to Falmouth, thoughtfully stopped by for lunch at the weekend. Time to revive an old favourite which I hadn't actually made for years. Scouring my memory for the recipe proved more difficult than I'd expected - quantities were the problem rather than ingredients. The beauty of this recipe is that you can play around with both quantities and ingredients to suit evolving tastes. It originally came from one of my aunts and used hazelnut yogurt. I used plain yogurt and bits of roasted hazelnuts for ages but, it has been undergoing a slow metamorphosis over the years. Sometimes I use plain chocolate, sometimes milk. I've also incorporated the chocolate directly into the cheesecake mixture rather than having it as a separate layer. This latest incarnation replaces the original hazelnuts with lime. This is what I did:
  • Placed 8oz digestive biscuits into a bowl and bashed them with the end of a rolling pin until they were crumb like.
  • Melted 4oz unsalted butter and mixed into the biscuit crumbs.
  • Poured this into a round 20cm " flan dish and moulded it to fit the bottom and sides (as you would with pastry).
  • Melted nearly all of two 100g bars milk chocolate (as it's fairtrade fortnight, I used Divine for a change), keeping a few squares back for decoration.
  • Poured this on top of biscuit base and spread out as much as possible. Left to set.
  • Mixed 3oz cream cheese with 1/2 oz granulated sugar (more sugar could easily be used here, but I didn't want anything too sweet as I was using milk chocolate).
  • Whipped 250 ml double cream until soft peaks formed.
  • Mixed in 250 ml plain yogurt.
  • Stirred this into cheese until well incorporated.
  • Grated the zest of 1 lime and added 3/4 of this to the cheese mixture.
  • Spooned mixture onto the set chocolate layer and smoothed out.
  • Grated the reserved chocolate on top and scattered the remaining lime zest over the surface.
This was as good as I remembered and was a real hit with my visitors. The chocolate layer always comes as pleasant surprise and elicited the usual oohs and ahs that I've come to expect with this creation. The combination of salty bicuity crumb, sweet chocolate and tangy cream filling is a particularly good one. The flavour of lime permeates the whole cheesecake, despite the small quantities involved. Why, I wonder has it been so long since I last made it?

I've decided to enter this post for the Cornishware Competition on FoodForFriendsYeah as it's such a great dessert!


  1. Excellent Choclette, this sounds lovely - a great dessert for entertaining. Good luck with your entry :)

  2. Gosh sounds like a dessert from the 70s but none the worse for that. I can imagine how great it would be to find that chocolate layer mmmmm.

  3. I feel a bit sad I don't live at your house :)

  4. I've never thought to combine chocolate with lime...your pie looks delicious.

  5. I love cheesecake. Yours looks very delicious.

  6. Ooh, choc-lime sounds like a delicious combo. I'm so excited by all the chocolate recipes here too :D

  7. I'm rather loving that sneaky chocolate layer, I must admit! I think I'll make a note of this for the warmer months...

  8. That is just brilliant Choclette! I love the layer of chocolate and that you added in a flavoured yoghurt. I am going to make this one very soon. Today if I can persuade my hubby to buy the ingredients on his way home from work :)

  9. I have sent off the email, now I just have to await the ingredients :)

  10. wow it is a tempting dessert!

  11. What an interesting dessert, Choclette! I've never seen a cheesecake with yoghurt before..

  12. Sounds like this one has quite a history to it. Looks really nice.

  13. Lucie - this is certainly one I have made many times over the years.

    Janice - you're probably right about the 70s.

    Mommy - you haven't seen my house!

    Pam - Chocolate and lime is a wonderful combination - do try it.

    MaryMoh - thank you

    Emma - hope to see you back again.

    Forkful - you're right it's more suited to the summer months really.

    Jacqueline - hope your husband delivered the goods. Look forward to finding out how you got on with it.

    Aruna - thank you

    Celia - it's the only cheesecake I've ever made.

  14. Thanks so much for the comment. Next time invite them to come over but have everyone bring something.. easy, plus you get to see them :)

  15. A no-bake scrumptious chocolate containing dessert with citrus - yum

  16. Mommy Gourmet - thank you that's a nice idea. Some of the best meal's I've been too have been when everyone brings a dish.

    Kitchen Butterfly - it works well in summer when having the oven on for baking seems less appealing.

  17. chocolate and lime - what an ace combination! Love the look of this dish

  18. Yes inspired by you I made a chocolate, lime and buttermilk cake at the weekend. Will be posting about it later.

  19. I too always mix natural yogurt in with double cream to cut down on a few calories and to counteract the richness of the cream. A delicious cheesecake.

  20. That sounds really good! I bet the yoghurt adds a lovely flavour and texture. So it's firm chocolate with a cheesecakey layer on top? I must try this!

  21. Hi Choclette,

    The cheesecake was fab, although it changed as it went along. I decided to make a toffee cheesecake, using toffee yoghurt. Unfortunately it didn't impart much flavour, I think you would have to use some caramel too, which I didn't have, so I added cocoa powder and it was gorgeous!

  22. Margaret - yes I use the yogurt / cream mix a lot - it works really well.

    Foodycat - yes solid chocolate with the cheesecake on top - it's a winner as long as you've got a chocolate you really like.

    Jacqueline - thanks for the feedback. It's great to hear someone's actually made something inspired from my blog. The toffee flavour sounds like a good one to try.

  23. Saw this at FFFY, it's wonderful Choclette! Love the way you combined lime with the chocolate.

  24. Thanks Nicisme - currently have a bit of a lime and chocolate obsession. the flavours go really well together.

  25. This sounds absolutely fantastic!


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