Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Chilli Sauce

I know, I know. What's this got to do with chocolate I hear you ask? Well to be honest very little, other than chilli & chocolate come from the same part of the world and as Kath pointed out, they do go very well together. I was recently asked for this recipe and as it is one of my own and very dear to my heart I have decided to go against my own rules and put it on my chocolate blog.

We grow Alberto's Locoto which are hardier than most and we grow them outdoors. They are particularly good for making chilli sauce as they are large and thick fleshed. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get them ripe this year so we picked them green and have been waiting for them to ripen in our not so warm house. Today was the day we could wait no longer and luckily many of them were nice and red.

My chief taster helped out a bit with this one, he got the fun job of deseeding all the chillies!

This is how I do it:
  • Halved and deseeded 2 lb hot red Locoto chillies (striclty speaking I didn't do this bit).
  • Skinned 2 sweet red peppers by grilling them until skins were black and blistered then put them in a plastic bag for 5 mins (still messy but a lot easier to skin this way).
  • Peeled 8oz shallots and quartered.
  • Peeled 8 large cloves of garlic and quartered.
  • Peeled and cored 1 large cooking apple (unnamed Cornish variety) and cut into pieces.
  • Put all of this into a large saucepan together with 1/2 pt water, 3 bay leaves and several sprigs of thyme.
  • Simmered this for 1/2 an hour.
  • Added 1/2 pt red wine vinegar and 1 tsp sea salt.
  • Simmered for about another 1/2 hour.
  • Removed bay leaves and thyme.
  • Pureed mixture using hand held blender.
  • Mixed 2 level tsp arrowroot with a tbsp red wine vinegar until blended.
  • Stirred this into chilli mixture and simmered for further 3 mins until sauce had thickened slightly.
  • Poured into 7 clean smallish sterilised glass bottles and capped.
  • Heat processed by placing bottles into a large saucepan filled with enough water so that bottles were 3/4 covered. Bought water up to boiling point and simmered for 20 mins (stored in a cool dark place, this should last for at least 18 months).
You can make this sauce milder by using more red peppers and less chillies. The red peppers give the sauce a wonderful colour and help to flavour it. The quantities I have used make for a light ketchup type consistency, but you can make it thicker or runnier by adding more or less arrowroot. I've also made a runnier version of this sauce using our yellow Fatalii chillies and yellow sweet peppers - it worked well but was very very hot so we only use it for cooking. My tongue is now burning from tasting the sauce - not the hottest sauce in the world, but you generally don't need a great deal of it! In my humble opinion, this is the best chilli sauce I've ever tasted.


  1. Brilliant, thanks Choclette, I will show this to my husband and hint at trying to grow Alberto's Locoto next year, they sound good. The sauce sounds very good, we still have a pile of our chillies left so will try to find the time to give this a go. Thank you for making an exception to post this on your lovely blog.

  2. oooo what a great idea, this would make a great gift.

  3. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  4. Nice to have you drop by Hapi.

  5. wow....beautiful colour of chili sauce. I would love it mixed into fried noodles...mmm... or as dipping for vegetable fritters. Thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks for taking a look MaryMoh - the sauce is quite a hot one but now I've got used to it I sometimes have it on my toast for breakfast. I love the colour too - although the chillies are red, it's the red pepper that really gives it such a beautiful shade of orangey red.

  7. That looks WONDERFUL! The colour reminds me of those fabulously hot peri peri sauces we get from the Portugese chicken restaurants. Thanks for the link, Choclette, I'll bookmark this for when our chilli bush really starts producing.

    Cheers, Celia

  8. Choclette, I've just made five bottles of this sauce - it's a wonderful recipe, thank you! I used two apples instead of one, and quite different chillies - will get it up on my blog soon. Thanks again! Celia

  9. Oh wonderful stuff Celia - I'm so glad someone else is trying this recipe out. Look forward to reading your post soon.

  10. Ah, I've just made your chilli sauce recipe too just after you Celia, using red fresno peppers.

    It's delicious!
    I haven't been able to seal my jars so it will live in the fridge as long as it lasts.

    Mine's a thick ketchup consistency - which yielded about 500-600mil at a guess.

    A very pleasant pepper blend you've given us there - minus the adult kick-ass burn.

    Nice one, and thank you. Gill.

  11. Gill - thank you for letting me know. I'm really pleased folk are making this sauce. You're photograph is great - love the bottle and I so love the colour. I think consistency depends on the type of chilli. The normal chillies I use makes a ketchup type of sauce where as when I've done it with our Fatalii (hot whew) which are thin skinned it came out as a much thinner sauce.

  12. My attempt also had 1 bell and 2 red italian peppers in there, so quite a bit of pulp.
    & my apples went quite sticky, I think they aided it too.

    If I'd used smaller hotter beasties, I'd have needed to thicken it, Choclette.

    My husband is under orders not to use it all up in his salmon fishcakes!

  13. We love chilli sauce in this family so this is a recipe i will sure be trying. I think i would add a few chillies but not 2Lb lol, think that could be over kill for the kids.

  14. Albertos Locoto chillies, have never heard of these but this recipe sounds fab, I love all my stirfries spiced up with some chilli sauce.


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